Reference Section


This section of the AVRU website will contain various reference resources of general interest as well as historic archives of interest to professional historians. It is planned to be regularly expanded as resources allow - the Unit would appreciate any volunteers who may wish to assist in this project ! At this point the References consist of the Compendium, Archives, Bibliography and Glossary. The key reference for the site, developed in collaboration with the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre (Austehc; within the Arts Faculty of the University of Melbourne) is the AVRU "Compendium".This component of the site provides an encyclopedia of diverse venom-related topics. The "Archives" currently relate largely to the work of Struan Sutherland but will be expanded to include the work of Drs Charles Campbell in PNG and Charles Kellaway, formerly the Director of the Walter and Elisa Hall Institute of Medical Research, and other pioneers of Australian toxinology. The Bibliography is an ever growing searchable list of toxinology references. It collates publications concerning Australian toxinology, including snakebite, venomous marine creatures and arthropods, from colonial times to the modern era. Its main purpose is to provide a reference list to represent the literature prior to electronic publishing.



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