News: 19 February 2008: Snakebite Project goes to air

David Williams, PhD student and recent survivor of a deadly Papuan taipan bite, was featured on the ABC's Foreign Correspondent program on Tuesday 19 February. David, the inaugural Australian Nossal PhD scholar at the University's Nossal Institute for Global Health and Australian Venom Research Unit, has been conducting research into the prevention and treatment of snakebite in Papua New Guinea since 1995.

When bitten by the Papuan Taipan, towards the end of filming the program, David required antivenom to neutralise the effects of the bite which otherwise would have resulted in his death.

The program focussed on the Papua New Guinea Snakebite Research Project, an initiative of the Department of Pharmacology's Australian Venom Research Unit, which aims to improve the prognosis of Papua New Guinea's snakebite victims. David, who has led the project since 2001, is also involved in research aimed at the development of a new, more affordable antivenom.

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