Small-Eyed Snake (Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens)

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The small-eyed snake, also called the eastern small-eyed snake, is widely distributed along the east coast of Australia, from Victoria to Cape York. This snake lives in wooded areas, where is hunts small reptiles or frogs at night. The body is slender and usually black or greyish-brown. The average length is around 0.5m, with a maximum of 1.2m. Small litters of 2 to 5 young are liveborn. Little is known of the toxicity of this snake's venom, although illnesses have occurred, usually in snake handlers, and one fatality has been associated with a bite from this species. Myotoxicity is a feature of envenomation. The venom is neutralized by tiger snake antivenom.

Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens
Photo courtesy James Booth, Applied Ecological Research