About Venom

Funnel-web spider

Venom is made up of poisonous chemicals called toxins. Many animals have developed ways of injecting venom into other animals. When the toxins in the venom are absorbed into an animal’s body, they have a harmful effect on that animal.

Venom is part of some creatures’ survival kit-they use their toxic weapons to survive. Some animals inject venom to gather and kill their food. Other animals use it to repel their attackers. Some animals use venom for both attack and defence.

Venomous Animals

These pages provide information on the general biology of many of Australia's venomous creatures. Information includes notes on their habitat, morphology, behaviour, diet, and other interesting material.

Facts and Figures

Here you will find a collection of interesting bits and pieces generally concerned with venomous animals of Australia and their impact on humans.

Venom and Antivenom

Find out here how antivenom is made and how it works, and find out about the nature of venom and its effects.